The Distictive Types of Chicken Combs

Below: Rooster Combs

What is the comb’s function? Learn about combs and wattles HERE


4 thoughts on “The Distictive Types of Chicken Combs”

  1. Unlike myself, chickens sure got their a fill of combs. The only one I got is a cheap ‘ol black plastic thing that came in a manacure set I got years ago as an exchange gift. None of which I’ve ever used cause I bite on my nails too much an’ ain’t got enough hair on my head to even drag a brush across it, let alone a comb! But I do love your writing. Seems you’re like a Westerner’s wikipedia sort of thing. Keep ’em stories rollin’, (I almost ended this with sweety but came to my senses just in the nick of time. I don’t need no boxed in ears or blackend eyes when I next see ya’ so I’ll just end this in Ma’am. )

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