About Worming Chickens

This is a controversial question indeed. Many chicken keepers are worried about their birds consuming any kind of chemical, certainly a valid concern. But, I think everyone should be equally concerned about the health of their birds.

Like anything else, education is the key to better understanding. Below is the information I found, if other chicken keepers have something to add, please feel welcome to share any advice in the comment box below. 🙂

After researching whether or not I should worm my own flock I stumbled across this article on Worming Chickens, it discusses a product called Flubenvet. I know about this wormer, but considering Flubenvet isn’t available in the United States it’s not much good to me.

Nevertheless, I researched it again and it led me HERE with more information on how to use Flubenvet and where to purchase it online. The Backyard Chicken forum was also helpful with another online source.

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