Chicken Breeds with Broody Tendencies

If you are only interested in egg production than you may not want to purchase chicks that have broody tendencies.  Broody hens can be troublesome, so if your not looking for a mother hen, here are the breeds you may want to avoid.


Buff Orpington

Standard Size Breeds
• Buff Rocks
• Cochins
• Buff Orpingtons
• Dark Cornish
• Light Brahmas
• Cuckoo Marans
• Turkens
• Buff Brahmas

Silkie Bantam

• Silkies
• Cochin Bantams
• Cornish Bantams


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5 Responses to Chicken Breeds with Broody Tendencies

  1. p3farm says:

    Funny you brought this up. I had a BLR Wyandotte and Australorp broody at the same time, then last week a Jersey Giant and yesterday I noticed a Dominique is broody!!!! Ugh!

    • tbnranch says:

      A Dominique? Yikes… that’s really rare! I’ve NEVER had a Dominique go broody! That’s why I keep them, nothing worse than trying to keep a broody hen alive in 112 degrees – when she won’t leave the nest.

      • p3farm says:

        We have three Dominique’s and she is the meanest broody mama! I put her in a broody pen, since she isn’t laying, she is hoarding the other hens eggs and protects them fiercely. I think broodiness is contagious in my coop!

  2. We have a Speckledy who goes broody every year, so we separate her and put eggs underneath her to hatch. She is a very good Mother hen!

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