Broody Hens in the Coop

A Solution… For When the Broodies Take Over the Nests

Sometimes broody hens can take over the nest area and not let any other members of the flock enter the hen house or their nests. That means the other hen’s routine is upset and this can interrupt or even stop egg production.
It’s better to move the broodies to a confined area. But if you don’t have a separate area suitable for them, sometimes it’s just better to go with the flow and put extra nest boxes in the coop for the others. This is a much better idea than letting them find a place on their own because what you’ll be doing, in that case, is going on an everyday egg hunt.

Nest Box

As you can see, members of the existing flock will rather quickly claim the new extra nest boxes and egg production will eventually resume. One way or the other, problem solved! To help them along, a ceramic egg or golf ball in the box often helps lure them in.
Simple? Probably not, it’s almost inevitable that two hens will claim the same box!  So put out a few!

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Chicken Breeds with Broody Tendencies

12 Breeds That Tend to Be Broody

If you are only interested in egg production then you may not want to purchase chicks that have broody tendencies.  Broody hens can be troublesome, so if you’re not looking for a mother hen, here are the breeds you may want to avoid.
Buff Rocks
Dark Cornish
Cuckoo Marans
Plymouth Rock
Cochin Bantams
Cornish Bantams

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