Upgrading the Brooder

I’ve had my share of make shift brooders, and all the headaches that go with it. Anybody who has raised baby chicks knows all about cardboard boxes, plastic storage containers, dog crates, etc… as  make-do brooders.  Flimsy chicken wire tops that shred your arms during cleaning, and an aching back from crawling around the floor for six weeks is another consequence of not having the right equipment.

I searched online for something suitable to build for raising baby chicks.  My husband is willing to take the challenge, so this is what I found…

brooder plans

I want to raise this brooder up on legs, have two riser platforms for a drinker/feeder, and a bar attached above for a heat lamp.

I’d like to see the brooders other chicken keepers are using, please share a picture! 🙂

More brooder details by  amferro103 BYC

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2 Responses to Upgrading the Brooder

  1. vuchickens says:

    Beautiful! I just used a big guinea pig cage on a laundry room table, but I only had 5 chicks. 🙂

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