It’s a Wonderful Life Indeed

I posted this precious video once before, but this is something you just can’t see too many times, so one more time folks… enjoy.

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Pretty Mamma Hen

Mamma is my prettiest Dominique hen. As you can see she eats anything and everything. She is the boss hen and won’t hesitate for a minute to make that point. She is well respected by the other members of the flock, but never oversteps her authority. To me, she is sweet as apple pie. 

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Mamma Dominique
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TBN’s Pretty Polish Hens

These are my fancy Polish ladies. This breed is not only stunning, but a productive medium sized white egg layer. They are consistent layers of about three eggs a week in summer, and these ladies below take the winter off.
Polish chickens are heat tolerant, not broody, very docile, friendly, and if that’s not enough… pretty to look at too!

Penny Lane White Crested
Lady Silver Laced 2013
Penny Lane White Crested 2
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