Coming or Going?


Sizzle Butt

Nothin’ cuter that a fuzzy chicken butt! This is Jojo, my camera shy Sizzle hen who spent an embarrassing winter naked bald. As you can see, she is no longer a nudist and once again has earned her well deserved title as the fancy gal at TBN Ranch.

Jojo, 2 y/o 8th generation Sizzle hen

Low Lady in the Chicken Yard

This pretty hen with every feather in place runs the show in the chicken yard. But let’s have a look at what happens if your not top bird… like Jojo.

Dominique Hen, 1st in command

Being the newest member of the flock, Jojo has indeed fallen victim to the effects of social ranking. She is plucked near naked in places by the higher ranking birds… for eating.

Sizzle Hen, lowest ranked lady

Jojo isn’t allowed to nest with the other hens, or eat until they are finished. She bunks alone in the barn some 100ft away. The flock allows her to hang out with them all day, but other than what she steals on the fly… all amenities are off limits.

Jojo, 8th generation Sizzle

As you can see Jojo was beautiful before the effects of social ranking, now her fancy breeding is barely recognizable. But don’t worry about little Jojo, I sneak her goodies when the other hens are too busy guarding their house and food to notice. She has her own chicken condo tucked away in the barn, of course the boss hen lays her eggs in it during the day just to claim it hers.  But come sundown, all the hens go to their coop and Jojo has has her very own place to call her own.