Considering Backyard Chickens? Watch These Three How-to Videos First

All the basics are addressed in these videos. Good information on housing, feeding, and egg handling.  Have a look, then decide if chicken keeping is for you.

Backyard chickens can be fun, but without a proper set-up, keeping just a few hens can become a big headache. Avoid mistakes right from the start. Build it right… because in the end, you’ll pay for it anyway.


Quick and Easy Chicken Hypnosis

Need to handle a chicken who’s a bit unwilling? This is a cool trick to know if you need to get a close look at a bird for whatever reason.

Next time you need a chicken to hold still, give this little technique a whirl…¬† seems silly, but it works. However, some birds do respond better than others.

Can the Mother Hen be Fooled?

Are chickens smart? Here’s your answer…

Chicken Embryo Development

Watch this amazing video of the development of a chicken embyro.

All in a Days Work


at Murray McMurray Hatchery…