Costco Chicken Coop, a Review

Costco Has Failed Chicken Keeping 101… In So Many Ways

costco chicken coop

A Phoenix Costco has jumped on the urban chicken-keeping bandwagon, selling this coop for $279.  That’s a lot of money for this poorly designed flimsy wood structure with cheap hardware.
Size matters in Phoenix! This coop will house 2 unhappy chickens, but it will also bake them alive in Phoenix summers.
Why it Fails My Approval
Next boxes haven’t a lip on the edge, so bedding will get kicked out resulting in broken eggs.
All the doors are really small making access & cleaning difficult.
Roofing material is a poor choice, especially for Phoenix.
Roost is narrow and too low.
Hardware is cheap & used sparingly, doors will likely warp.
So back to the drawing board friends, and happy coop hunting… elsewhere.

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