Costco Chicken Coop, a Review

Costco Has Failed Chicken Keeping 101… In So Many Ways

costco chicken coop

A Phoenix Costco has jumped on the urban chicken-keeping bandwagon, selling this coop for $279.  That’s a lot of money for this poorly designed flimsy wood structure with cheap hardware.
Size matters in Phoenix! This coop will house 2 unhappy chickens, but it will also bake them alive in Phoenix summers.
Why it Fails My Approval
Next boxes haven’t a lip on the edge, so bedding will get kicked out resulting in broken eggs.
All the doors are really small making access & cleaning difficult.
Roofing material is a poor choice, especially for Phoenix.
Roost is narrow and too low.
Hardware is cheap & used sparingly, doors will likely warp.
So back to the drawing board friends, and happy coop hunting… elsewhere.

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Better Than a Chicken Coop

Vinyl Shed with a Floor, Windows and Doors, Costco

It’s easy to find a suitable chicken coop, but for the money, they always seem too small. If you do find one that’s roomy enough, the price can be pretty expensive. But you can be creative, how about a shed?

This shed from Costco is ideal, if you build a shelf on three sides about halfway up for nest boxes you have created the perfect set-up. There’s ample space for feeders and a water source, so you have less to worry about in inclement weather.  This shed provides a safe haven from predators when you close it up at night, and there’s no need to worry about ventilation because it has windows. You will, however, need to cover them with hardware cloth to protect your birds from predators.
If you’re worried about how they hold up, don’t.  Folks have been using them as tack rooms on ranches for years here in Phoenix. They’re pretty tough considering they bake out in the sun where temperatures reach 115+ degrees.
Another point to consider is this shed will be far more useful over the years, a chicken coop is what it is – and probably not for very long.  So what are you waiting for?  Attach a covered run to this shed and you’re in business! Last I checked this shed was about $750.

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