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Broody Hens, Behavior and How to Handle It

Need a better understanding of the broody hen? Here’s a few articles that will help you address this behavior. Tips on Breaking the Broody Hen amy elizabeth | TBN Ranch Definition of Broody: A hen with strong instincts to hatch eggs, … Continue reading

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Articles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken Keepers | July 2017

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Collected articles from across the web written by chicken keepers, for chicken keepers. Our archive library is growing thanks to the dedication of so many folks willing to share their knowledge.  Catch up on more informative reading, visit Article Archives, always … Continue reading

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Hamburg Chickens

Silver Spangled Banner: An Intro to Hamburg Chickens Source:  eFowl Blog Written by Elliott Porter Learn everything about their history, their purpose, or their beauty! The Hamburg is one of the oldest documented breeds of domesticated poultry.  Originating in Holland, … Continue reading

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The Barnevelder | Barnevelders.net

Submitted by:  Barnevelders.net The Double Laced Barnevelder is a large, soft feathered, docile and very good natured chicken. They are very tame and do not fly well. They are a very pretty bird with interesting markings and a beautiful iridescent … Continue reading

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Why Hens Leave the Nest After Laying an Egg

A Hen Knows Best… Chickens never lay more than one egg per day. If the eggs are not collected, and a sufficient number of eggs are allowed to remain in the nest, the hen may stop laying eggs and start … Continue reading

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