Chickens That Will Give You a Variety of Colorful Eggs

Looking to build a flock that will give you a basket of colorful eggs? Here are 25 breeds to choose from. If you want to veer from the ordinary chicks you find at feed stores, I listed a few breeds that might interest you. But you’ll most likely have to order them from a hatchery. You’ll find those hard-to-find breeds Here.

Rhode Island RedBrown
Leghorn White
Plymouth Rock Brown
Sussex Brown
Welsummer Dark Brown
MaransDark Brown
Easter EggerBlue/Green
Olive EggerOlive Green
Cream Legbar Blue
Icelandic White, Cream, or Light Blue
FaverolleCream, or Dark Cream
BarnevelderDark Brown
Cochin Brown
SeramaCream or Light Brown
PolishWhite or Cream

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About the Standard Cochin Chicken

The Gentle Giants

Cochin chickens are known for their soft feathers and fluffy robust appearance. They have a round body, long silky plumage, feathered feet, and a single comb. They lay a fair number of brown or tinted small to medium eggs. You can expect approximately 2 eggs per week.
This breed may not be a prolific layer, but are still quite worthy for their broody tendencies, and their stunning appearance of course! They’re often used to hatch fertile eggs from other birds, however, don’t be in a big hurry, the Cochin is very slow to mature.

If your looking for a docile, peaceful, friendly, and easily-handled breed, this buxom beauty is for you. I find Cochins don’t fancy scratching around in the dirt as much as most other breeds. They are also not a fan of high perches. They prefer free roam but confine quite well.
They’re considered a heavy breed weighing in at about 11 lbs for roosters, and 8 to 8.5 lbs. for hens.
Bantams: A hen will be just under 2 lbs. and the rooster, about 2 lbs.
The Cochin chicken breed arrived on the shores of Britain and America from the port of Shanghai, China in the mid-1800s.  This fancy breed has a wide variety of colorful outfits, in buff, white, black, blue, partridge, and cuckoo.

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