Silkie Bantams Move to Finished Hen House

Yesterday morning was cloudy and only 89 at 7AM. I took full advantage of this somewhat cooler weather and informed my hens it was moving day. For a month I’ve grabbed an hour here and there trying to set up the new chicken enclosure. Unfortunately, what should have been a one or two day job, turned into a lengthy and grueling event, thanks to the scorching sun threatening to fry me to a crisp.

By 10AM, still no sun, but a toasty 97 degrees. Inspite of working in an oven, the Silkie ladies were moved. The drinkers filled, feeders full to the brim, and everything for their care was conveniently placed in the feed area of the barn.  Ahhh… no more worries, shade all day, 100% protection from the rain we might someday get, and convenient utility sources too.  Life is good!

Here it is, new chicken house!

Chicken Coop 7-2014

This cool little man-made shady space is adjacent to the hen house. It’s been created for feed, supplies, and my morning coffee place.  As you can see from the before and after pics, it’s was quite an ordeal to make it what it is.

High noon, 106, blaring sun…
Finished turning the old hen house into the coop where my broody moms to be will hatch and raise their chicks.

Although I was worn to a frazzle, most likely dehydrated, and probably near a heat stroke, it’s all done.  Happy chickens, happy me.

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Creative Hen House, Costco Cedar Dog House

This is the new summer hen house I set up this week for the girls. I’m hoping it will give them an alternative place to set on eggs when the temperatures soar.

It would be great if the hens would be broody when it’s not 115 degrees, but that probably won’t happen. So this might be a cooler area, there’s a large shade tree and I have two more trees ready to plant.

I bought this red cedar dog house at Costco for only $89.00. It’s made really well, has a sturdy floor, two nest boxes fit perfectly in the rear, and there’s ample space for food and water.  It took about 20 minutes to put together, what a bargain!

The Hen’s Summer Home, a Dog House from Costco

Summer Hen House 1-19-14

This is Tulip, she’s a 4 month old Silkie… with her new blue I.D. Braclet. 🙂

Silkie Hen

Nesting Box Ideas

This looks like the caliber of a Donald Trump chicken coop, but there’s something here that could easily be incorporated into a coop owned by the rest  of us more common folk. I like the natural tree branch perches, and the best part is they’re free!  Just an idea… and I think our birds would appreciate them too.

Coop designs and ideas:

Chicken Coop Building Plans

Handy? This coop has been modified to suit the builder, but the original plans by Purina Mills are available online HERE. I love finding chicken coops that cover all the bases, notice the aviary netting atop, and the height of the set-up allowing easy human access.  This coop is a really nice set-up, comfortably housing the larger flock.

You can see step by step images of this coop being built at Backyard Chickens.

Coop and Run
Love the windows!

Looking for more ideas?

Chicken Coops Pics & Plans
amy elizabeth’s Good Chicken Keeping

Where Wealthy Chickens Live

If I had one wish, this chicken coop would be it. It’s even built on a hill for drainage, has real doors and screens too! Something tells me there’s probably electric and water in there… think?

I’ve kept this chicken coop dream house tucked away for so long I have know idea where the pic came from anymore. But whoever designed it… you are my hero!

I can’t even imagine having something this nice for my birds. Hopefully when this property someday sells the new owner won’t use it for something as stupid as a tool shed, that would break my heart.