New Chicken Keeping Articles | Sept. 7, 2015

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September 7, 2015
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This Week’s Feature Article

Preparing The Coop And Chickens For Winter
by oldworldgarden | Life in the Garden
The chill of Fall is definitely upon us here in Ohio – and unfortunately – that means Ol’ Man Winter is right around the corner… Continue Reading

Sharing a Little Chicken Humor…


And Furthermore…

Update on the Silkie chicks. Lost Henny, one of the white chicks to unknown causes. Too bad because I was really needing two white pullets. Now I’m down to one and I’m 99% sure that one is a rooster. Just goes to show, no matter how good we think we are at sexing chicks, we can so easily stand corrected, especially when it comes to Silkies!
These chicks will be in the only brooder I have until they are 7-8-wks. Either I get another brooder, be creative in dividing the current one, or wait until late Fall to get those white babies. Chicken keeping, every day offers something new to think about… and it’s all fun.

Do Chickens Smell?

The answer is quite simple, the real question here is are you going to enjoy spending time with your chickens? If the answer is yes, then the time you spend will mostly be fussing over your birds. In other words, fussing over your chickens means you’ll not only be cleaning up after them, but find enjoyment in creating attractive and functional housing.

All animals require effort to keep clean, and if you neglect to do so, it’s a sure bet they’re going to smell. If you look at keeping chickens realistically, what else are you going to do with them besides pick eggs and care for their living environment? We don’t sit and pet them as a rule, and training them to do tricks is certainly not going to be a success story… instead, we fuss over their coops.

Bottom line, if you spend time with your birds, then no, chickens don’t smell. Fussing over your birds makes for a happy flock, and a happy flock is what fills the egg basket!

Here’s a few pics of my chicken set-ups… lots of fussing over chickens at TBN Ranch!