Clipping Chicken Flight Feathers

First time clipping wings? Before you grab the scissors, read this how-to article…

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Should you clip chicken wings
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How to Clip Chickens Wings for Beginners

Great how-to article if clipping your chicken’s flight feathers for the first time.

By James Marshall

Although chickens technically cannot fly, they do have the ability to escape, getting into danger with predators or causing a nuisance. This beginners guide explains simply how to clip their wings painlessly to prevent ‘flighty’ behaviour… Read More

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How to Clip the Flight Feathers on Chickens

Two Helpful Videos

There are many videos on clipping the flight feathers of a chicken, but I chose this first one because it shows how to do it alone. There isn’t always another pair of hands available when you need them. Help is always nice, but the ability to depend on yourself is even better.

Note: I feel it’s important to clip both wings. A chicken with only one wing clipped will be unsteady or off balance. The fragile breast bone will take the brunt of a harsh landing, so lets help keep them on their feet!

I hope you find these videos helpful.

#1 Wing Clipping Unassisted

#2 Wing Clipping with Assistance

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