Homemade Electrolytes to Combat Heat Exhaustion In Chickens

We’re all looking for the best ways to help our flock beat the heat. Here’s a home recipe to keep on hand when the temperatures threaten their well being.

by Countryside Network

Knowing how and when to quickly make homemade electrolytes for heat exhaustion can be the difference between life and death for your backyard chickens…
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Tips For Managing Rooster Behavior in a Bachelor Colony

You Don’t Need a Rooster Rescue, Set Up a Bachelor Pad Instead


Countryside Daily

Unless you buy sexed day-old chicks, chances are you’ve got extra roosters this spring! Finding a rooster rescue can be difficult, especially during the spring when extra, unwanted roosters start to appear as for sale or free… Continue Reading

How to Keep your Chickens Cool this Summer

Keeping chickens cool 2

amy elizabeth
TBN Ranch

Summer is coming, is your chicken yard and coop suitable to sustain the well being of your flock? It’s important to prepare for extreme heat or your birds may suffer from heat exhaustion. Sun is the #1 enemy to chickens that are confined, especially in small quarters… Continue Reading