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Articles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken Keepers | July 2017

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Collected articles from across the web written by chicken keepers, for chicken keepers. Our archive library is growing thanks to the dedication of so many folks willing to share their knowledge.  Catch up on more informative reading, visit Article Archives, always … Continue reading

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Chicks and Heat Lamps | Red or Clear?

When a brooder lamp is necessary to keep your  baby chicks warm, it shouldn’t be a blast of blinding light from a clear bulb. If your chicks are in a small brooder, they’ll most likely become agitated if unable to … Continue reading

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Solutions for Chicks Pecking Each Other

Let’s start at the beginning with chicks in the brooder. Chicks don’t just peck each other for lack of something to do. There is an underlying problem causing them stress and/or aggravation. As any living creature, the first and foremost … Continue reading

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Chickens: Intervention and Management of Problematic Pecking

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amy elizabeth | TBN Ranch Stressful conditions create unhappy chickens and bad behavior. It’s perfectly natural for chickens to peck everything. But each other? Unfortunately, yes, sometimes they do. Often this behavior draws blood, and once that happens; pecking may … Continue reading

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