Gardening with Chickens: Plants to Avoid

by: the good life ani’t easy

It’s a question I get asked a lot, what plants are poisonous to hens?
As part of my answer you need to remember that hens are foragers – they nibble plants here and there, and then set off scratching for more bugs. Because the honest answer is that there are LOTS of plants that are considered toxic to chickens but, in my experience, most hens know not to eat them. Continue Reading

What NOT to Feed Chickens

A List of Toxic Plants:
Plants Toxic to Chickens

Never Feed Chicken these Foods
• Dried or undercooked beans
• Avocado skin & pit  (can be fatal)
• Raw potatoes and potato sprouts.
• Rotten food
• Raw peanuts
•Junk food
• Raw meat
• Citrus
• Salty food
• Candy, chocolate, or sugar
• Cat food

I know there will some controversy on this food list, especially the cat food. But in my opinion there’s really no reason to feed any food that is in question. It’s always better to be safe.