Seven Types of Grain Feed Choices to Feed your Flock Right


Choosing The Right Chicken Feed
by Rachel Hurd Anger | Chicken Quarters

Chicken feed is formulated to provide balanced nutrition based on the bird’s purpose. While each brand is nutritionally similar, each company produces its own proprietary blend, so each will use different ratios of similar ingredients to meet general nutrition guidelines. Read Article

About the Author
Rachel Hurd Anger | Chicken Quarters

Metropolitan living often means big dreams are short on space. On a small lot in Louisville, Ky., writer Rachel Hurd Anger is raising chickens, a rescue dog, two cats, and a family. Tales of her self-sustaining great- grandmothers awakened her inner chicken farmer, and now, her small flock charms her small space, as only they can do.

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Naked Neck Turken


The Turken is a light brown egg layer and considered a dual purpose utility chicken. It is especially suitable  for meat production as the breed has approximately half the feathers of other chickens, making them easier to pluck.

These birds are cold hardy and heat tolerant, excellent foragers, and immune to most diseases.

Their appearance is rather odd and not particularly appealing to some. Perhaps this explains why they’re not usually known to be an exhibition bird.

• Size: 6.5 to 8 pounds
• Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
• Varieties: Black, Buff, Red, White
• Egg Laying: 2-3 per week
• Egg Size: Medium
• Egg Color: Light Brown
• Comb Type: Single
• Personality: Docile & Friendly
• Broody/Setters: Yes