A Nest All Her Own

This is Rose, she’s the only hen of the black Silkies that isn’t broody right now. She was laying that egg while I photographed her this morning. For a change, she had first pic of any nest she wanted, all the others were on their own mission…

The rest of the ladies are busy sitting on NOTHING. Regardless, they’ll stay put for the next three weeks as if they had fertile eggs under them… just because that’s what Silkies do!  They’re dedicated to mothering no matter what, even if it’s just pretend.


Look What I Found!

Brand new super nice chicken coop on Craigslist…  and now it’s mine. 🙂

It’s pretty bare bones, but it will be in a fully covered partially enclosed shed row barn so it should fair well.  I’ll be using it for my mamma hens and hatch-a-longs.  If that doesn’t happen, like this year, it’s perfect for chicks just out of the brooder at around 6 weeks old.

My biggest MUST HAVE with any coop is that it will keep wild birds out. Chickens are inexpensive to feed, but when wild birds have access to the feed, triple the bill. The second MUST HAVE is kick boards, I can’t stand bedding spilling out all over the place.

Looks like this coop fits my criteria perfectly!

CL Coop Daniel 2 CL Coop Daniel

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Baking for Easy ‘Hard-Boiled’ Eggs – Real Food – MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

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