Interesting Facts About Combs and Wattles

Why Do Chickens Have Combs & Wattles? What are They For?

Combs and wattles are fleshy protuberances located on chickens’ heads and necks. The comb is the larger, often brightly colored structure on top of the chicken’s head, while the wattle is a smaller, reddish piece of skin that hangs beneath the chicken’s chin.
Combs and wattles serve several important functions for chickens. Firstly, they play a role in regulating the bird’s body temperature. Chickens don’t sweat, so they rely on their combs and wattles to help dissipate heat from their bodies. The blood vessels in these structures expand and contract to help regulate the bird’s internal temperature.
Secondly, combs and wattles can also play a role in attracting mates. In many breeds of chickens, the size and color of a rooster’s comb is a sign of his health and vitality, making him more attractive to potential mates.
Lastly, combs and wattles can also be used to signal social status and dominance within a flock. In some breeds, chickens with larger and more ornate combs may be seen as more dominant and may be more likely to lead the flock or have access to the best food and resources.
While combs and wattles may seem like just an interesting physical characteristic of chickens, they actually serve important functions in regulating body temperature, attracting mates, and signaling social status within a flock.

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