The Worst Chicken Coop… Before and After

This is without a doubt the worst chicken coop I’ve ever seen. But… after the tear-down, look at the stunning beauty these chicken keepers built! Incredible planning, efficient, and secure. You can see the building process by visiting their blog on Back Yard Chickens.
I’m especially impressed with the drinker and feeder inside the coop, clever!

As you can see, nothing is impossible!



10 thoughts on “The Worst Chicken Coop… Before and After”

  1. Huge difference and what a wonderful place they now have for their chickens. Bet they have some happy chickens now. hugs

    1. Indeed, they are like doll houses. I have a beautiful doll house attached to the garage when I was a child, it had real windows, a door that locked, and a tile floor. I played in it everyday… what was I thinking, it would have been a great chicken coop!

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