Adirondack Chicken Coops and More!

Dream big… and turn it into a reality. Anybody who keeps chickens knows the better set-up you have the easier it is to care for them. Check out these beautiful coops, they’ll sure get your wheels spinning! No surprises either, this company lists all their prices.

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Want More Ideas?

LOTS of coops, feeders, drinkers, roosts, bedding, nest boxes, brooders, and so much more!

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Creative Chicken Set-up Ideas

Choosing a Chicken Coop

It’s fun setting up a chicken coop, here’s over 1,000 ideas to make your coop more functional and easier to maintain. Be creative, you’ll be spending lots of time with your chickens, make it a place you want to be too.

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Chicken Coops, Building it Right the First Time

From the very first coop to the current set-up… it’s been quite a journey at TBN Ranch. I’ve said a million times to build a coop right the first time, if you don’t, you’ll end up spending even more later. Here’s why…

Bargain coops aren’t a bargain if they only hold up for two years and you have to buy another. If they’re too small or hard to clean, chicken keeping becomes an unwanted chore, and that’s especially true in inclement weather.  How do I know? Well, as you can see, I’ve paid my dues…

Bottom line… plan, prepare, and know your goal…  before you buy or build, and always build bigger than you need. If you need ideas on coop types, or entire set-ups, visit me on Pinterest. You’ll find over a thousand pics of chicken coop types, brooder & nest box ideas, building plans, set-up ideas, and way more.

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Premium Chicken Coop Kit

Looking for a DIY chicken coop kit? Check this out…

The Walk-In Round-Top Chicken Coop™ gives you room for up to 20 hens in a full standing height premium quality design that ships to your door. It ships in kit form with everything in the boxes. Full instructions will allow you or your handyman to assemble the coop in a day or so using nothing but a cordless drill and a tape measure.

Coop Round Top
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