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Why Chickens?

The Many Benefits of Backyard Chickens Source:  Green America Most chicken-owners have the same reason for starting up their flocks: eggs. By getting eggs from your own chickens, you avoid supporting industrial farms that produce the majority of eggs sold … Continue reading

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The Right to Keep Backyard Chickens

Arizona Residents, YOU HAVE A VOICE! Call your AZ State Legislature and SUPPORT SB1151. SB1151 is Az’s Chicken Law that simply allows anyone in a single family detached home to keep chickens… and it may not pass. Click HERE for … Continue reading

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10 Reasons to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard

Homesteading and self-reliance is one of the hottest trends out there, even reaching to the urban farm movement. While the average homeowner may not be able to swing a fully self-sufficient homestead in their suburban backyard, you can make the … Continue reading

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Vaccination Programs for Chickens

Chickens are not immune to disease, this informative article will help you better understand how to protect them. Vaccination programs for backyard and fancy chickens Source: Farmers Warehouse

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Can You Have Backyard Chickens?

Updated Oct, 2012 City Ordinances for Backyard Chickens in Phoenix First Things First no Matter Where you Live Look online for the City Ordinances for Poultry & Rodents where you live. Remember HOA’s sometimes have rules of their own. Phoenix, … Continue reading

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