No Waste Baby Chick Feeder by Rent a Coop, a Review

  • Adaptable for chicks up to 12 weeks old.
  • Two small ports for chicks aged 1-4 weeks old.
  • Two large ports for chicks aged 5-12 weeks old.
  • Free shipping from My Pet Chicken

I introduced this chick feeder for the first time and I love it. Two small ports for chicks aged 1-4 weeks old. Two large ports for chicks aged 5-12 weeks old. Height of feeding ports allows chicks to reach and access feed at the bottom of the container without being able to move, spill or waste the feed. You can use it free standing or it comes with mounting hardware for use on wood, or hung on wire. I use it free standing.
My chicks made the transition from a traditional chick feeder to this feeder in minutes. No waste, the chicks can’t scratch out the feed, and they can’t poop in their feed either. I highly recommend paying the $35 dollar price tag on this feeder, it’s made extremely well and will last probably close to forever.
Where to Buy
You can purchase this feeder on Amazon, or My Pet Chicken. I bought mine at My Pet Chicken, it ships free and arrived within a week.
Note: The feeder from My Pet Chicken comes with a better lid than Amazon’s, it’s pointy so the chicks can’t perch on top of it.
Important: This feeder is not for chicks under 1 week old.

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Radiant Heat Chick Brooders

Chicks Stay Warm and Cozy
Why is Radiant Heat A Better Choice?

Radiant heat eases the burden and constant concern over the proper brooder temperature. Uses only 15 watts of energy versus up to 250 watts used by a heat lamp. A resourceful and safer alternative to a heat lamp, and less fire risk.
With radiant heat, your chicks stay warm from direct contact with the heated underside of the plate. It’s not hot, it’s just right. 🙂
Adjustable and Available in Different Sizes
Easily accommodates the size of your growing chicks with 25 adjustable height settings ranging from 1”-7” and can be customized to fit your flock’s needs.
Affordable price, around $60 for the smallest one. Available on Amazon.
I’ve bought from this company and have been very happy with their products.

Other Brands


This is the brooder I’m using, been working great for years.
Brooder for warming up to 35 newly hatched chicks. Safe 12 volt radiant-heated underside for producing uniform temperature. Price: Around $80. Available in Amazon

Rural 365 Brooder

Perfect for 10 to 20 newly hatched chicks. Adjust leg height so chicks can stand and have direct contact with the bottom of the chick brooder plate.
Price: Around $60.
Available on Amazon.

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No Mess RentACoop PVC Chicken Feeder Arrives

A Review of the RentACoop Chicken Feeder

This is the best feeder I’ve ever had.  My hens used it right away, and the problem of feed waste is over.
Nice quality
EASY to install
Fast delivery.
Most Important, no more waste. My hens can’t scratch out the feed.

Note: My birds are young, that’s why the feeder is low on the fence. The proper height of drinkers & feeders is easy to remember. Never hang them higher than a chicken’s back.
It’s also a good idea to keep the old feeding station in place until you’re sure they’ve learned to use the new one. The feeder does state this is for birds 12 weeks & older.

View more pics of all the different types of Chicken Feeders

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