Chicken Roost Types and Ideas

50+ Roost Ideas for Your Chicken Coop

There are so many different types of roosts, which one is best for your coop? Does it matter? Nope, your birds just need something to roost on at night that’s suitable & easy to clean. It can be an old ladder, maybe something cool you design from scrap lumber. Or… you can be creative and come up with something unique.  Just be sure there are at least 10-12 inches of roosting space for each bird. Plenty of space equals HARMONY.
Why are Roosts Important?
It’s an instinct for chickens to look for a safe place to retire for the night. Not only are they protecting themselves from predators, but also inclement weather.  Chickens sleeping in the nest box is something I like to discourage for hygiene reasons.  Nest boxes are for laying eggs, roosts are for resting or sleeping.
Need a few ideas on what type of roost is best for your birds?

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Which coop is right for your needs? That’s a question only you can answer. The only perfect coop is the one that’s suitable for your specific needs. You’ll need to take into consideration the climate where you live, how much space you have for a coop, and how large it needs to be to comfortably house your birds.
I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again, the more coop space the better. Always build bigger than what you think is adequate, especially if your chickens will be confined. Remember, happy chickens fill the egg basket!
Keep in mind that a coop should be convenient for you to clean. One you can stand up in is a huge plus. At the very least, a coop should have easy access to drinkers, feeders, and of course, fresh eggs. Bedding material should be just as easy to remove as it is to refresh. That means your coop door should be large enough for a standard-sized rake to fit through.
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