Silkie Hens Fill the Egg Basket Too

You may have heard the Silkie Bantam is only a fair egg layer, but is this really a fair statement? Perhaps they get a bad rap because they’re often broody which interrupts egg production. True, but in my opinion, this incredible bird should be considered a master of two jobs. I give them five stars for their dedication to motherhood, and here’s their generous contribution to the breakfast menu. Not bad, not bad at all!

My Silkies lay every other day on average, with little change during our mild Arizona winters.  There are six birds in my flock over the age of four and are still producing at the same rate. As far as I’m concerned, a chicken’s production decreasing after the age of two years has not proven true on our little farm.

But there are always exceptions…

Silkie 3-114

Meet Fern, this little lady doesn’t lay eggs at all, ever!  Hatched in 2012, isn’t interested in setting on eggs, and has never gone broody. But no worry, there’s still a job for her here as a bug eater. She’s also valuable as a warm body to the others on those occasional cold winter nights.

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Sharing a Little Chicken Humor…


And Furthermore…

Update on the Silkie chicks. Lost Henny, one of the white chicks to unknown causes. Too bad because I was really needing two white pullets. Now I’m down to one and I’m 99% sure that one is a rooster. Just goes to show, no matter how good we think we are at sexing chicks, we can so easily stand corrected, especially when it comes to Silkies!
These chicks will be in the only brooder I have until they are 7-8-wks. Either I get another brooder, be creative in dividing the current one, or wait until late Fall to get those white babies. Chicken keeping, every day offers something new to think about… and it’s all fun.

Splash of Color

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