Resource Library for Chicken Keepers

Chickens, History and Ancestry

Charts & Diagrams
Chicken Anatomy, External, Internal, and Skeletal
Chicken Anatomy, Full Color
Chicken Combs and Wattles
Chicken Egg Color Chart
Chicken Feather Variations & Markings
Chicken Feeding Chart
Development of a Chick

Raising Baby Chicks

Preparing for, and managing baby chicks.
Everything you need to know, step by step.

Raising Baby Chicks
How to Buy Chicks from a Feed Store|TBN Ranch
Brooder to Coop, When?
Fecal Impaction & Baby Chicks
How to Care for your Mail Order Chicks
Raising Chicks
Solutions for Spraddle Leg
The My Pet Chicken Guide to Chicken Care, Chapter 4: Caring for baby chicks
About the Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder
Controlling Heat in the Brooder

Choosing a Radiant Heat Chick Brooder
Introducing Hatch-a-longs to the flock

Broodies & Incubation
A Tip on Keeping Hens with Eggs or Chicks safe Among the Flock
Broody Hens vs Incubators Pros & Cons
How to Incubate & Hatch Eggs
My Pet Chicken Guide to Incubation & Hatching
Working With Broody Hens
Caring for Broody Hens | The Chicken Chick
How to Choose the Perfect Incubator
Beginner’s Guide to Incubation
Why a Hen Leaves the Nest After Laying an Egg
When is it Safe to Open the Incubator?

Articles for Chicken Keepers, by Chicken Keepers

Hundreds of collected articles from across the web.
Content contributors sharing their experience and expertise.

Feeding Chickens
Feeding Chickens Rolled Oats
Feeding Hemp Seed
Fresh Food List for Chickens
Toxic Food List for Chickens
Feeding & Watering Chickens
Feeding Chickens at Different Ages
How Do Chickens Digest Food?
Natural Supplements for Chickens
Gardening with Chickens, Plants to Avoid
Understanding Chick Starter & Grower Feed

Managing Eggs
Brittle Eggs
Cleaning Farm Eggs
Incubate & Hatch Eggs
Why Homegrown Eggs Are Better
Why Your Hens Aren’t Laying Eggs, Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers for common problems in chicken keeping. Resources to assist you care for and better understand your flock.

Managing the Flock
Coop Building Plans
Backyard Chickens, Know What you’re Getting into
Can Chickens Fly?
Checklist for Chicken Coop
Chicken Keeping in Winter
City Chickens, Getting Started
The Chicken Chick®: Chicken Resources Directory
Chickens: Intervention and Management of Problematic Pecking
How Long Does a Chicken Live?|TBN Ranch
How Much Space Chickens Need
Understanding the Molting Process
Introducing New Chickens
Keeping Chickens Cool
Keeping Chickens in Excessive Heat
Pecking Order
The Chicken’s Senses
All About Molting

How to Determine the Point of Lay | TBN Ranch.
Breaking the Broody Hen
Choosing a Drinker for your Flock
Identifying Chicken Predators AFTER They Attack
Getting Chickens to Roost in the Right Place
Clipping Chicken Nails
Winterizing the Chicken House
5 Different Types of Coop Heaters
Ways to Keep your Chickens Water from Freezing in Winter
Top 10 Tips for Keeping Chickens in Winter
How to Keep your Chickens Safe from Possums
Pros & Cons of Keeping a Rooster
Ultimate Chicken Coop Guide
Identifying Predators

How to Humanely Euthanize a Chicken
Guide to Chicken Keeping in Extreme Cold
The Best Way to Catch a Chicken
Chicken Coop Ramps, The Ultimate Guide
Chicken Roost Types & Ideas
Raising Chickens, Pros & Cons
Winter Chicken Keeping in Phoenix | TBN Ranch
Keeping Chickens Safe From Fox
Salmonella Safety Practices for Chicken Keepers
Less Waste, No Mess Chicken Feeders

Hatcheries & Supplies

Where to buy mail order chicks & supplies.

Poultry Health & Medical
About Worming Chickens
Backyard Biosecurity
Chicken First Aid Kit
Loss of Baby Chicks
Dosages of the Good Stuff… For Chicken with Parasites
How to Treat Bumblefoot

How-To Videos
Sexing Chicks

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Hatcheries and Supplies Index

  • Hatcheries | Mail Order Chicks
  • Supplies

My Pet Chicken

Backyard chickens are rewarding and easy to keep! We offer everything you need to get started including baby chicks, fertile hatching eggs, chicken coops and supplies, plus free “how to” information.

Murray McMurray

At Murray McMurray Hatchery, we provide the highest quality poultry and auxiliary products to our customers, and have been a trusted, knowledgeable industry resource for over 100 years. Whether you are an experienced or novice enthusiast, we are sure you will enjoy our wide selection of breeds and supplies to assist you with raising your flock.

Cackle Hatchery

We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated hatchery offering over 202 varieties of poultry shipped directly from our facility here in Missouri.

We specialize in hatching purebred poultry and shipping day old chicks right to your local post office since 1936.

Meyer Hatchery

We Are America’s Premier Poultry Source! We pride ourselves on selection, quality, and customer service.

Arcada Pet Supplies

Arcata Pet is proud to provide a selection of poultry products that serve owners of backyard and exhibition chickens.
* Best place for leg I.D. Bands

Ideal Poultry

IDEAL POULTRY is a family owned and operated business founded in 1937 and located in Cameron, Texas.
The largest supplier of backyard poultry in the U.S, shipping close to 5 million chicks annually.


eFowl has been around the backyard chickens space for over ten years. Chickens for sale directly from chicken hatcheries near you. eFowl partners with popular chicken farms to offer you the best way to buy pet chickens or live chicks for sale.


From eggs to adults, incubators to nest boxes, Stromberg’s Chicks and Game Birds has been bringing our customers quality poultry and reliable equipment with our friendly customer service staff since 1921.

Fleming Outdoors

Fleming Outdoors is an online farm supply & outdoor store that has over 30 years experience in the farming and outdoors industry.

Visit Privett Hatchery

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Articles for Chicken Keepers

Collected articles from across the web written for chicken keepers, by chicken keepers. Our archive library is growing thanks to the dedication of chicken keepers everywhere willing to share their knowledge.

Backyard Chickens, Yes or No? Is it for You?- TBN Ranch
How to Buy Chicks from a Feed Store|TBN Ranch
7 Coop Bedding Materials and How to Choose the Right One – Hobby Farms
20 Most Popular Chicken Breeds! Great Addition To Your Flock! — Types of Chicken
Choosing a Good Laying Hen | TBN Ranch
Portable Chicken Coops | Chicken Coops in Lancaster PA
Chicken Coop Designs for Backyard Chickens | HGTV
Abnormal Chicken Eggs: What You Need To Know! |
Speckled Sussex : the right breed for you?
Gardening with Chickens, Plants to Avoid
Cleaning Farm Eggs | TBN Ranch
What Not to Feed Chickens | TBN Ranch
22 DIY Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard – DIY Chicken Coop Plans
Caring For Baby Chicks with Pasty Butt – Countryside Network
How to Help Molting Chickens Through the Process
Five Easy Ways to Keep your Chickens’ Water from Freezing this Winter | Fresh Eggs Daily®
Chicken Coops You’ll Love | Wayfair

Popular items for chicken coop decor on Etsy
Predator Proofing Your Chicken Coop and Run
20 Stunning Chicken Coop Designs For Your Lovely Birds | The Poultry Guide
Top 11 Ways to Accidentally Kill Your Chickens
4 Chicken Runs and Coops Built From Recycled Materials – Countryside Network
Everything You Need to Know about Chicken Roosting Bars
DIY Chicken Swing – Attainable Sustainable
21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops

“Free Range” and “Pasture Raised” officially defined by HFAC for Certified Humane® label – Certified Humane
How to Build External Nest Boxes
Are You Buying A Pullet or Hen? What’s The Difference and How to Spot It?
Chickens and Heat Stress
About Combs & Wattles
Raising Chickens for Meat and Eggs
How I Use Herbs in My Coop and Why You Should Too
Olive Egger Chicken: May Breed of the Month – Countryside Network
Understanding the Pecking Order | TBN Ranch
Tips on Breaking the Broody Hen | TBN Ranch
Poultry Farming Terminology – What’s in a Name? – Countryside Network
Probiotics and Ferments: They’re Good For Your Chickens, Too! – Hobby Farms
Your Guide to Strong Eggshells | Purina Mills
Keeping Chickens Cool in Summer | TBN Ranch
The Chicken Chick®: How Much Heat Do Chicks REALLY Need? Think Like a Mother Hen!

Marans Chicken: April Breed of the Month – Countryside Network
When Will My Chicken Start Laying Eggs?
The Miracle of Chickens’ Feathers
The Chicken Chick®: Caring for Broody Hens: Facilitating Egg-hatching
Coop to Kitchen – 5 Tips to Ensure Clean Eggs from your Backyard Chickens | Fresh Eggs Daily®
Are my Chicken Eggs Fertile? | Fresh Eggs Daily®
Chicks Vs. Pullets: What’s The Best Way To Start Your Flock? – Hobby Farms
How Old is the Average Supermarket Egg? | Fresh Eggs Daily®
Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth for Coops – Timber Creek Farm
Secrets To Predator-Proofing Your Chicken Coop | Off The Grid News
Fox Deterrent | Nite Guard
Dominique Chickens: Heritage Poultry Breeds
How to Get Rid of Your Chickens’ External Parasites – For Dummies

6 Tools Every Chicken Keeper Needs – Hobby Farms
Why Some Chickens Molt Faster Than Others | Garden Betty
Chicken Breed Focus – Japanese Bantam
What To Know Before Breeding Chickens – Hobby Farms
10 Basic Tips for Protecting Chickens from Predators
Tips for Keeping Your Chickens Warm and Alive in the Winter
How To Clip & Trim The Wings Of Your Chicken To Prevent Flight – BackYard Chickens Community
Chicken Breed Focus – Ancona
The Chicken Chick®: Surviving Winter with Chickens
How To Raise Free Range Chickens | Backyard Poultry Magazine
Germany says ‘no more chick shredding’ | Animals Australia
To Heat or not to Heat your Coop this Winter | Fresh Eggs Daily®
Chicken Breed Focus – New Hampshire
How To Raise Mealworms – BackYard Chickens Community
A History of Chickens: Then (1900) Vs Now (2016)
Best Tips How To Keep Secure Your Chickens | Benedicts Group Limited
The Gist of Chicken Raising in the City | by Guest Writer Jordan Walker | TBN Ranch
The Chicken Chick®: Chicken Coop Bedding: Sand, the Litter Superstar
Broodiness in Chickens – Hobby Farms
Speckled Sussex : the right breed for you?
Treating and Preventing Frostbite in Chickens Naturally | Fresh Eggs Daily®
About Organic Chicken Farms – Hobby Farms

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Poultry House | Cornell Small Farms Program
4 Fabulously Long-Tailed Chickens – Hobby Farms
What to Feed Chickens in Winter – Animals – GRIT Magazine
DIY Sprouted Fodder for Livestock – The Happy Homesteader – MOTHER EARTH NEWS
5 Ways to Make Coop-Cleaning Easier – Hobby Farms

Considerations for Keeping a Rooster.
Why are Eggs Sold by the Dozen? | Fresh Eggs Daily®.
Feeding Chickens – An Introductory Guide – BackYard Chickens Community.
About Sex-Links.
5 Favorites: Backyard Chicken Coops for Small Flocks: Gardenista.
The Chicken Chick®: Chickens & Obesity
The Chicken Chick®: Flystrike in Backyard Chickens, Causes, Prevention & Treatment.
Chicken Breed Focus – Appenzeller Spitzhauben.
The Chicken Chick®: How a Hen Makes an Egg & Egg Oddities..
The Chicken Chick®: Raising Chickens Naturally: Diatomaceous Earth is No Friend of Nature, by herbalist Susan Burek.
5 Broody Chicken Breeds Great For Hatching Eggs – Hobby Farms.
Why Should Eggs Be Stored Pointy End Down? | Fresh Eggs Daily®.
9 Healthy Treats Your Chickens Will Love
Are my Chicken Eggs Fertile? | Fresh Eggs Daily®.
The Chicken Chick®: When to Move Chicks from Brooder to Chicken Coop.
Heat Lamps | Red or Clear? TBN Ranch
Common Baby Chick Ailments and Natural Treatments | Fresh Eggs Daily®.
Adding Hens to an Existing Flock | TBN Ranch

My Successful Introduction of a New Pullet | TBN Ranch
How to Determine the Point of Lay | TBN Ranch.
Raising Winter Chicks in Phoenix
Spraddle leg & Curled Toes- Causes and Treatments
Healthy food for coop-bound chickens | Natural Living Homestead.Red star chickens – designer birds or the mutts of the poultry world?.
Why Hens Leave Fertile Nest Eggs Unattended | TBN Ranch.
Hatcheries and Supplies Index | TBN Ranch.
Martok’s Blog – How to Deal with Aggressive Roosters – Hobby Farms.
The Chicken Chick®: Facts and Myths about Fertile Eggs.
Information and Pictures of Over 60 Chicken Breeds.

A Guide To Understanding The Chicken Pecking Order
All about Diatomaceous Earth – In your Coop, Garden and Home
Treating and Preventing Frostbite in Chickens Naturally
Ten best high protein foods to see your chickens through moulting in the autumn and cold in the winter.
Predator Proofing 101: How to Keep your Chickens Safe Day and Night
Keeping the Chickens Cool, Here’s How! | TBN Ranch
Preparing for Baby Chicks | TBN Ranch
The Chicken Chick®: Surviving Winter with Chickens
Fresh Eggs Daily®: To Heat or not to Heat your Coop this Winter
Brinsea The Incubation Specialists / User Manuals
Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens? We spill the beans!
The Ultimate Guide to Raising Chickens in the City

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