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New Articles | April 29, 2016
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Seven Things You Must Prepare Before Your Chicks Arrive


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Great Information about Raising Hatch-A-Longs | The Chicken Chick

Hatching eggs the natural way, everything you need to know is covered in this article.  I referred to this article several times while preparing for my first hatch using a broody Silkie. Thanks Kathy!

What’s New at TBN Ranch

Finally finished predator proofing the last coop, just in time to house Mamma and her new chicks. A great find at a local feed store puts the last finishing touch on my broody coop, a beautiful ramp just the right size… and price!


Prickly Pear 6-2015

Welcome Spring!

Out for Breakfast

These are my best Silkie Moms, which means they are rarely seen all together. One, or all these ladies are usually broody in their house, either sitting on eggs or pretending to be. It’s molt season, perhaps they’re on break so they can drop a gazillion feathers all over the place. Whatever their reason for stepping out to breakfast this morning, it was nice to see them scratching around in the dirt and just be chickens for a change.

The Breakfast Club

Broody Hen Drama

My Buff Silkie Randy is one of those hens that gives new meaning to the word NASTY when she’s broody. She beats up all the other hens for being near her, and even if they’re not, she’ll find a reason to chase them, tackle them to the ground, and pull out their feathers.  Needless to say, she’ s now sentenced to do chicken jail time for however long she feels she can hatch eggs that don’t exist.

I won’t use  Randi to hatch eggs, she’s just too full of drama. I can’t even imagine what it would be like dealing with her attitude while setting on eggs.  She’s my little drama queen, and to make it worse, a freeloader! She doesn’t lay eggs, but she does have something that’s worth keeping her among the flock … her beauty.

Randi 82815

Hatching Day has Passed, Still Hopeful

There are five eggs under my Silkie hen since August 1st around 4pm. That means yesterday should have been hatch day… here it is Monday, and nothing. I know a little late is still ok, but I’m starting to think something has gone wrong.
I didn’t candle the eggs, so who knows what’s going on. The hen has not abandoned the nest, so I’m just going to hope that there’s still a chance.
It was brutally hot here during week two, temperatures soared to 117, which is crazy for this time of year. We should be right around 104 in August. For now, we just wait and see if this hatch is a fail, if so, we try again.